Qualitative materials

We only use materials that are intended for long-term use. The longer a product lives, the longer it doesn’t end up in landfills or the oceans.

Recycled Art

All products are made out of materials out of the ocean from EcoDives and EcoSnorkeling.

Good deeds by purchase

With every purchase of an item, you help us complete more ocean cleanup missions. You can find out more about our underwater missions and even follow the backstory of the materials in the future.

Customer service

The product and the purchase should give you exactly the same good feeling as it gave us. With the purchase of the product you buy the story and the attention to detail behind it. In this way, we ensure that everything in this process can run smoothly.


All products are made from recycled material and with a lot of love for our nature

The recovered debris from EcoDive cleanups are sorted and recycled, and all reusable parts are offered to local artists. All reusable parts from EcoDive cleanups are offered to local artists, who then create beautiful pieces out of them.

Each piece is original and may be gone soon.

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