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Make your business greener and create a visible impact with us.
Expand your business, give fish a chance with your activity, and help make the world a better place. With EcoDive you will revolutionize the diving industry through ocean cleanup.

Together we create a better future for the next generations.

ECODIVE Membership

Step by step guide:
become a part of EcoDive

1. Contacting

Contact us so that we can check whether your company can be admitted to the EcoDive project. After the review, there is not much standing in the way of our collaboration.

2. Receive information

We will inform you regarding all the details when the contract is concluded, and the conditions that must exist in order to become part of EcoDive have been verified.

3. Agreement

After signing the contract you earn a verifiable document/certificate defining your company or activity as environmentally conscious, and the right to guide your costumers on EcoDives.

4. Ecodiving!

Receive a logo to let customers recognize that you are a member of EcoDive, and therefore authorized to offer EcoDives! In addition, your company will be advertised by Ecodive, and potential customers will be assigned to you.

5. Garbage collection

An exclusive garbage container will be made available to you for the recovered debris, which will be collected regularly by arrangement.

6. Selling Recycled Art

You may also request to keep recycled art pieces created out of debris collected your center, and sell them in your shop.

Frequently Asked Questions

Show your beliefs and the sustainability of your business with the Ecodive seal. Offer your product or activity while using the EcoDive seal, and win more costumers.

The garbage is picked up regularly by us. We will discuss further details together. Your rubbish will be washed, dried and sorted. Once ready the resulting components will be offered to our collaborating artists, and upcycled by them into brand new items.

You have the option to terminate our contract at any time. Your Company will be deleted from our site immediately and you will receive an email with further measures that must then be taken.

The seal, the dust bin and the certificate cost your company nothing. Percentage shares are billed for customers who are transmitted. As soon as a customer selects the Ecodive program, a minimal amount is charged.

Ecodive stands for cleaning the seabed. To make this possible, a minimal amount is donated by the program to the self-contained volunteer project Ocean Cleanup.



Whether you’re curious about any features, we’re here to answer any questions.

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