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Get new Costumers

We connect you with our customers. These clients will hold EcoDive or EcoSnorkeling at your place. Once customers are assigned to you, you can add them to your customer list.

Label Green Business

As a company, you will receive a seal and a certificate for the EcoDive community. A seal will also be provided for you to hang up, which potential customers will know about the program.

Drive marketing for your company

With the new company seal, you can also get a lot of attention from tourists. We will also host events where your business will be marketed. In addition, your company will be found on our website as an associated company.

Contest: Maldives trip!

Your customers have the unique opportunity to take part in the contest. Increase customer benefits and customer loyalty at the same time. It’s a great way to raise awareness and promote your business.

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We all have the goal of keeping the seas clean in order to offer our companies a future.
ECODIVE is our solution!

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