Win your Maldives trip!

Get the great Chance to win a Trip to the Maldives!
Earn points with your collected plastic during an Eco Dive or while Eco Snorkeling and claim your chance to win!


During the sea diving trip or snorkeling trip, you will have the opportunity to pick up rubbish from the bottom of the sea and store it. For each piece you can collect points.

On land, your collected garbage is counted and the points are credited to you.

For more Informations about the EcoDive and EcoSnorkeling click here.


Top scoring two scuba divers and top scoring two snorkelers of the year will win an all included trip to the Maldives! Our prize includes tickets there and back, private rooms, meals, clean up diving trips, boat trips and much more!


Our recreational cleanup contest is ongoing and will be renewed every year.

Contest seasons will begin in March and will end in November of the same year. Scoreboards will reset at the beginning of every season, but earned badges do not disappear. Instead, they are transferred to your client record, and the corresponding discount is applied to all your purchases! 

Be the most diligent, keep your eyes open on every trip, and win your trip to the Maldives!

Winners 2022-2023

Top scoring Divers

Top scoring Snorkellers


Dr. Nelson


Stingray Whisperer





Click here to see this year’s scoreboard!

Somewhere between living and dreaming, there’s the Maldives

How we score

bottledwater, water, bottle-4127009.jpg


+ 2 Points

tie, rope, knot-295115.jpg

Ropes or fishing lines

+ 1 Point

shirt, long sleeve, clothing-29213.jpg


+ 1 Point

low, battery, low battery-1926830.jpg

Lead / battery

+ 2 Points

the dentist hook, dental, scratch-3829665.jpg


+ 1 Point

sign, triangle, attention-36070.jpg

Toxic chemicals

+ 2 Points

ban, banned, vehicles-909970.jpg

Circular objects / loops

+ 2 Points

question mark, why, question-1829459.jpg

Unspeakable Abomination

+ 3 Points

sign, stop, destruction-7193800.jpg

Not-target materials

- 1 Points

Scoring Example:

If you recovered 5x open plastic bottles during a dive you would score for the plastic material (5*2 = 10), and for the circular opening on each pottle (5*2 = 10) for a total of 20 points. If one of those bottles contained 5 AA batteries then an additional (5*3 = 10) ten points would be added as well as 3 extra points for finding an unspeakable abomination.

The total would then rise to 32 points!

Contest Rules and Guidelines

To ensure maximum safety while efficiently helping our marine environment, we have established a few simple guidelines that we encourage you to adhere to at all times:

First and foremost, stay with the group! It can be very tempting to swim off to recover a distant find, but we encourage you to signal the group before doing so.

Whoever sees it first, it's theirs

A distant item that is pointed out to the Dive Master will always be awarded to the player who saw it and cannot be claimed by other players.

Pointing the Items

All recovered items will be handed over to the Dive Master, who will instantly award you with the corresponding number of points and record your total score after the dive ends.

Don't take all the rubbish with you!

Not every piece of debris we find poses a threat to the environment. As a matter of fact, some non-toxic materials can provide marine life with much needed opportunities to thrive and prosper. In view of this, such materials are not a target in our treasure hunt, and should not be removed.

Briefing needed?

A briefing detailing this and other aspects of the dive will be offered before every hunt, and divers are always encouraged to signal the Dive Master when in doubt.

Frequently Asked Questions

To win the Maldives trip you have to participate in an EcoDive or EcoSnorkeling. During the EcoTour you earn points by collecting rubbish underwater.

The journey begins every year within the first three months of the year. This will be clarified with the winners of the season.

We’re taking you on an all-inclusive 10-day trip to the Maldives!

Yes! The only thing you have to do: contact us and we will clarify it with your dive center! If you are lucky, you will soon be able to EcoDive in your home country!

You can collect points from the beginning of April to the end of September!

 Our prize includes tickets there and back, private rooms, meals, clean up diving trips, boat trips and much more!

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